Cramer's lightning round: Beyond Meat is a buy here

  • It's that time again! "Mad Money" host Jim Cramer rings the lightning round bell, which means he's giving his answers to callers' stock questions at rapid speed.

Chewy: "This is one of those high-multiple stocks that we talk about that is going to come down, but at the same time I like the business very much. Let's just say, it's a good company but you've got to be willing to take some pain if you want to buy it right now. If you want pet food, frankly I thought the General Mills call was good." 

Chegg: "I think that [CEO Dan Rosensweig] is doing a great job. The stock came down because it got ahead of itself. Very few people expected the numbers to be that good. I like your plan [to cost average in], but let's stick to $63. Don't jump beforehand. If it doesn't get there, it doesn't get there." 

MetLife: "MetLife is fine. It's really the yield that you'd be buying. I don't like any of the financials. None. None. I feel like the oils and the financials are now somehow like each other, which is weird. I like the yield but that's all I can say." 

LyondellBasell Industries: "This is a cyclical that is doing quite well. By the way, let's throw in Dow chemical, why don't we? Dow chemical is doing quite well." 

Beyond Meat: "Here's the problem with Beyond Meat: it's ridiculously expensive. Here's what is great about it: it's always going to be expensive. Why? Because it's the future, and I like the future, and I believe in [CEO Ethan Brown]. Buy some here. I'd buy some lower." 

A10 Networks: "I have not looked at A10 since it became public… Let me look it over again. I just never felt frankly that it was that proprietary. I just didn't."  

Inseego Corp.: "I like this company. Instead of just a hold or sell, I would actually put it in the buy category if you get it below $10. I think it's doing very, very well." 

Magna International: "I like Magna. I like a lot of the autos. I like the complex. I think it's coming back. You're in the cheapest. It's come down a great deal. Magna is OK for me." 


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