LAPD: Videos Surfaces Of Officers Hitting Protesters During Fairfax Protest In L.A.

On June 3, Deadline published an article that included first-hand accounts of the protest that occurred in the Fairfax district of Los Angeles on May 30. Video footage originally taken by Matt McGorry on the day of the protest was posted online showing LAPD officers striking protestors who clearly had their hands up and shooting projectiles into the crowd.

In the video, we can see protestors standing while LAPD officers approach them. The scene takes a turn when one of the officers starts hitting the protestors and others follow, some shooting at the crowd.

In Deadline’s June 3 article, some of the demonstrators interviewed talked about how the peaceful protestors were attacked. Specifically, Nathan Ramos-Park recalled, “I was not instigating… and I got shot point-blank by a rubber bullet 3 feet away by a cop,” he said. “He wasn’t scared. He was calm and collected. He took aim and pulled the trigger. I was and still am a peaceful protester.”

“I firmly believe LAPD came in with the intent to be aggressive,” Lacy Lew Nguyen Wright, associate director of BLD PWR, told Deadline. “They were never going to try and de-escalate the situation,” she said. “They wanted to scare us and hurt us. People protest because they need their voices to be heard.”

She added, “We had always intended for the day to be peaceful, and I went in with so much hope that it would be…and I genuinely believe the day would’ve been peaceful if LAPD had not shown up.”

The video corroborates with what the protestors witnessed and experienced.

The Fairfax protest is one of many in Los Angeles and around the world that have been a response to police brutality, racism and the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and numerous members of the Black community.

Watch the video below.


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