Neil Diamond, Steve Martin, Paul Simon Reach Out With Online Comfort For Fans In These Homebound Days

As Rorschach famously noted in the Watchmen film, “I’m not locked in here with you. You’re locked in here with me.”

As the hours pass and many of us are confined to home by coronavirus concerns, life as we’ve known it has changed. So it is that certain celebrities are reaching out to find new ways to connect with fans.

We’re already seeing it with late night  comedy shows from Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, Samantha Bee and Trevor Noah. MTV Unplugged is jump starting that series with shows from home by prominent musicians, kicking off with Wyclef Jean. And Jewel did a charity performance last night from her home to avoid letting down the homeless youths she hopes to support.

Sometimes, such intimate performances can backfire, as Gal Gadot learned. But in other cases, it provides a touching moment for fans to feel closer to entertainers communicating through the magic of their screens.

Here are three of the latest. We’ll update as more come in.

Steve Martin provided an instrumental interlude he dubbed “Banjo balm” to hit the sweet spot for his fans.

Neil Diamond reached out to fans with a modified version of his classic song, Sweet Caroline. His altered verses included reminders “washing hands” and a promise “Don’t touch me/I won’t touch you.”

Paul Simon also had some musical comfort to offer, ending with a wish for fans to stay safe.


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