Nielsen Says It Will Try Portable People Meter Wearables On For Size

Nielsen on Thursday said that it will begin placing about 3,000 new Portable People Meter Wearables into use among its almost 60,000 active panelists used to measure audiences for the ratings company. The move, which will begin in September and comes several rounds of testing, is part of an effort to modernize Nielsen’s panels and improve their panelists’ experience.

PPM is currently used to measure both in-home and out-of-home tuning for Audio and Local TV and out-of-home tuning for Nielsen’s National TV estimates. The company says the new tech will serve as foundational support for Nielsen One, the company’s “cross-media solution that will deliver a single, deduplicated metric for total media consumption across TV, Digital and Audio.”

The devices, which will be able to be worn as wristbands, pendants or clips, will be paired with new companion app designed to “help improve communication, encourage participation and enable data transmission when the device is outside the home,” the company said, and will also allow for Nielsen to add new features and capabilities.

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Nielsen said it plans to share its top line findings of the wearable subset in Q2 2022, with a full rollout of PPM Wearables in new panel households planned for the second half of 2022.

“By modernizing our panels, we are not only improving the overall panelist experience and increasing engagement, but also ensuring our measurement is durable and can adapt to evolving technology changes,” said Mainak Mazumdar, Nielsen’s Chief Research and Data Officer. “This is another example of how Nielsen is continuing to innovate in our march towards Nielsen One in order to create a better media future for the entire industry.”

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