People urged to be aware as scam bank calls on the rise again

They are then asked to verify the transaction by pushing a number on their phone that connects them to the fraudster. The con was so prevalent last summer it triggered a national warning from banking trade body UK Finance.

Katy Worobec, the managing director of economic crime at UK Finance, said: “It’s crucial that people remain vigilant and question any phone calls out of the blue, even if they state there has been fraud on your account.

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“Fraudsters may already have some information about you, so don’t take this as confirmation that their approach is genuine. Never give out any personal information if you are at all suspicious.

Instead, take five to stop and think, and then contact your bank directly on a number that you can trust such as the one on their official website.”

Don’t let fraudsters get the better of you and do not give in if:

The caller is insistent and does not give you time to think, or tries to stop you speaking to a family member or friend. 

The caller asks you to transfer money to a different account. 

They ask you for your online banking passwords or four-digit card PIN or for you to withdraw money and hand it over for “safekeeping”. 

The caller offers to send a courier to your home to collect cash, PINs, cards or cheque books to “protect” you from fraud. 

Your bank, card provider or the police will never call you asking for PINs or passwords, or requesting you transfer money.

Always hang up.

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