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The unofficial end to summer has come and gone. In years past, that's meant firms look to buckle down in preparation for a busy fall. However, with how crazy things have been throughout 2020, it'll be interesting to see if it feels all that different. 

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Direct listings in the spotlight again

Yoonji Han spoke with some securities experts to get the latest on the New York Stock Exchange's proposed plan for a new way to conduct direct listings, which has already gotten some pushback. 

Yoonji did a great job on getting some clarity on the arguments on both sides.

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Some VCs are clamoring for more startups to ditch investment bankers for direct listings, but one VC who backed both Asana and Spotify says he 'doesn't care' how companies go public

Speaking of direct listings, Julie Bort spoke with a venture investor who doesn't care how his companies decide to go public. Click here to read about his perspective.  

PayPal's CTO walked us through a SimCity-like virtual office the payments giant just created. Take a peek inside its 6 floors filled with trainings and challenges to keep employees engaged.


Shannen Balogh and Reed Alexander spoke with PayPal's chief technology officer to get the details on a virtual office built for employees of the payments giant. Here's the full story.

Accenture is cutting more low performers across the 500,000-plus person firm because fewer employees are jumping ship on their own

Visitors look at devices at Accenture stand at the Mobile World Congress in BarcelonaReuters

More job cuts are scheduled to hit Accenture. Samantha Stokes has the details on what can be expected. Get all the details here. 

Odd lots:

Big Law firms are laying workers off but raising pay for people who remain, with firm leaders citing a 'fundamental shift' in working conditions (BI)

SoftBank Shares Drop on Concerns About Massive Options Bet (WSJ)

“UKLearn more about the financial services industry

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