Tucker Carlson Commits His Worst Act of Vaccine Hypocrisy Yet

Tucker Carlson on Tuesday night hosted former New York Times reporter and current coronavirus conspiracy theorist Alex Berenson on Tucker Carlson Tonight, which averages 3.2 million viewers a night and is the most-watched show on cable news.  Berenson was given free reign to spout his views on vaccines. “I think this is probably the most important appearance I’ve had with […]

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Sen. Graham: Putin's aggression is a result of Biden's 'weakness' shown in Afghanistan withdrawal

Sen Graham: Afghanistan showed the world that Biden is ‘weak’ Senator Lindsey Graham weighs in as the U.S. prepares for an ‘imminent’ Russia cyberattack. South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham responded to recent news that Russia may be planning a cyberattack against America, saying it would be considered an act of war. On “America’s Newsroom” Wednesday, Graham explained that Vladimir Putin […]

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Sean Hannity asks if the Biden administration will 'ever recover' from inflation

Hannity: Will the Biden administration ever recover? Sean Hannity enumerates the woes of an ailing Biden administration in the opening monologue of ‘Hannity.’ Sean Hannity asked whether President Biden’s administration will “ever recover” from record inflation and surging oil prices in Wednesday’s opening monologue of “Hannity.” “Will the Biden administration ever recover?” Hannity asked. ” … Analysts now predict that […]

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