Nano’s new hearing aid giveaway for ‘Dear John’ readers

READERS: This is what many of you with hearing problems have been waiting for.

Another company — this time Nano Hearing Aids — is willing to give away two dozen pairs of its devices for free to readers of the “Dear John” column who need hearing aids but can’t afford them.

A few months ago, seven pairs of another company’s aids were given away to readers of this column. That company believed its hearing aids were great and affordable, and wanted to prove it. And it worked out wonderfully for those readers the company picked.

So I’m writing about it again.

Nano also says its hearing aids are great, so again I said, “Prove it.” And the company agreed to give away two dozen of a new model of hearing aids worth $1,000-a-pair.

Here are the rules this time. If you want Nano to consider you, send an email to [email protected]. Do not — I repeat do not — send emails or letters to me. And don’t call me. Nano is going to handle the requests directly.

If you don’t have a computer, have a friend send the email for you.

You have two weeks from today to apply for the free hearing aids. Be warned: A lot of people are probably going to apply. But if you are picked, I want to know how the hearing aids work and what kind of experience you had with Nano. Before I got involved in this particular giveaway, I had one lucky reader test the Nano device. Here is what she said: “I received the Nano hearing aid this past weekend and brought them to my mom on Wednesday.”

“What a funny scene it was fitting them. She was shocked at the level of hearing and started to whisper because it was too loud in her head. At one point she had to step away from us because she said we were too loud in the room,” the woman said.

Well, they adjusted that device and it is now working fine. I hope the winners of Nano hearing aids have a similarly good experience. Good luck!


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