‘Wonder Years’ actress’ suit against Peter Thiel’s firm tossed

A judge has dismissed a lawsuit by an ex-child actress entangled in an ugly legal battle with her former employer, a venture fund co-founded by Silicon Valley bigwig Peter Thiel, The Post has learned.

Crystal McKellar — who played Becky Slater on “The Wonder Years” before becoming a Harvard-trained lawyer — had her lawsuit against Thiel’s Mithril Capital tossed by a San Francisco judge. The case will now be hashed out behind closed doors in arbitration, according to the March 13 ruling.

The 43-year-old former child star claimed Thiel’s partner — Ajay Royan — lied to the VC firm’s investors about the fees he was charging, the size of his team and the value of his investments.

McKellar didn’t name Thiel as a defendant, but claimed he was concerned about fraud at the firm and had asked her whether Royan had suffered from a “mental episode” or was “engaged in a massive financial fraud.”

The legal scuffle kicked off last fall after Mithril lobbed the first blow with a lawsuit accusing McKeller of trying to undermine the company through a bizarre letter-writing campaign to its investors — despite exiting the firm with a $225,000-a-year consulting gig.

The letters weren’t signed, but their envelopes sometimes contained a return address with the initials of the purported sender, according to Mithril’s suit. Mithril said it identified McKellar as the writer after subjecting the letters to forensic handwriting analysis.

McKellar, who served as general counsel for Mithril denied being the letter writer and countersued in November. It is that suit that is now going to arbitration.

In dismissing McKeller’s suit, the judge also ordered Mithril’s letter-writing lawsuit against McKeller be moved to California, which McKeller’s lawyer cheered as a win.

“Judge Breyer correctly ruled that Crystal was a California employee at the time of her termination and that the claims between the parties must be adjudicated in California pursuant to California law,” lawyer Ian Shelton said.

Mithril did not return a request for comment but has previously called the now-dismissed countersuit “a thinly veiled attempt to divert attention from her own wrongdoing.”

McKellar also still faces a second lawsuit by Mithril that accuses her of scrubbing nearly 2,000 text messages from her work phone before returning it to the fund in September.

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