Abortion 'saves lives,' woman says as protesters crowd around Supreme Court

WATCH: Pro and anti-abortion activists protest outside Supreme Court

Pro-life and pro-choice protesters who gathered outside the Supreme Court on Wednesday morning told Fox News why they came to protest, with one saying abortions save lives, while others said they kill humans.

“I’m here today because I think that abortion hurts both the unborn and it hurts women,” an anti-abortion activist told Fox News.

In contrast, a pro-choice supporter said: “I’m here today because I believe that a woman’s right to choose her future, her destiny, her reproductive health care, is a fundamental right.”

The anti-abortion activist said: “I think that science has come a long way and proved that the babies in the womb are alive and well.”


Hundreds of protesters on both sides of the abortion debate gathered outside the court as oral arguments began in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, a case that could overturn Roe v. Wade.

“It’s critical that it is not overturned because it saves lives,” one woman wearing a “Clinic Escort” face mask told Fox News.

A pro-choice activist held this sign outside the Supreme Court as oral arguments in Dobbs v. Jackson began.
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A woman holding a “Supreme Court: Overturn Roe v. Wade” sign disagreed, saying “abortion intentionally kills human beings, and it’s one of the greatest Holocausts of our time.”

A pro-life activist held this sign outside the Supreme Court. 
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The woman in the “Clinic Escort” mask said abortion is the “basic floor level of human autonomy, bodily autonomy.” She said she believes abortion has been in jeopardy since it was codified and worries about what overturning Roe would mean “for the rest of us who are Black, Brown, queer, indigenous – what other rights are going to be stripped away?”


Another woman disagreed: “I want to protect LGBT children in the womb. If they ever found a gene that makes them predisposed to LGBT, I don’t want them to be targeted like people with disabilities have been.”

A man holding a “Hands Off Roe” banner said he was there to express his concern that Roe v. Wade could be overturned.

“The state has no business getting involved in a woman’s intimate decision as to whether to carry a pregnancy to term,” he said.

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