‘Amazing’: Mrs Hinch fans share ‘easy trick’ for removing damp smells from bath towels

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Bath towels are often used every day, meaning they need to be washed regularly to avoid bacteria growing. If not washed often and stored without drying properly first, damp smells can occur. Mrs Hinch fans have taken to Facebook to share their top tips for avoiding musty bath towel smells.

Posting on the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook group, one woman asked for advice on cleaning her bath towels.

Jem Vy wrote: “How do you get damp smells out of bath towels?

“I wash them with lots of fabric conditioner but the smell is still there. I was thinking of just getting rid of them unless anyone has any tips to save them.”

Towels can sometimes smell musty or damp when there is mildew growing on them.

Storing bath towels in the bathroom where the humidity levels are high creates a perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

Luckily, Mrs Hinch fans shared their top tips on removing the damp smell.

Liz Evans wrote: “Wash in white vinegar instead of using fabric softener.”

Kay Kay added: “Agreed, don’t use fabric conditioner, use white vinegar and I also put one small capful of Zoflora in the wash, smells amazing.”

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Eleanor Davies commented: “White vinegar all the way, completely removes the bad odour you can smell. Super easy trick, amazing product.”

White vinegar can help to remove odours from all kinds of surfaces, as well as removing bath towel smells.

It contains acetic acid, which can help to banish bad smells.

Some group members were concerned their towels would smell of vinegar if they used it to wash their towels.

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Deborah Bigger wrote: “Once washed and dried you won’t smell the vinegar.”

Lynn Buy added: “You could also add some scented disinfectant in the washer.”

The way towels are dried is also important when it comes to preventing musty smells.

The best option is to dry them on a radiator or heated towel rack to make sure they don’t stay damp for too long after using them.

If these options are not accessible, a clothing rack can work too.

Sharing on the same Facebook group, cleaning fans recently shared top tips on drying towels if you don’t have access to a tumble dryer.

Andrea Rice said: “Radiators? We don’t have much radiator space so we use the doors and I thought they would get ruined by damp but luckily they haven’t been affected.

“You could also use the shower curtain rail or over the bath, maybe you could use a washing line outside?”

Saz Hickman commented: “I’ve got a couple of radiator airers and hang them over that.”

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