Bikes, backaches and moolah

I want to buy a new bike for my father who is in his early 50s and suffers from backaches caused by a slipped disc . Since the roads in my city of Varanasi are very poorly maintained, I thought of the Bajaj Avenger Street. It seems comfortable and the pillion seat also suits my mother. Please advise on a bike in a budget of around ₹ 1.25-1.5 lakhs.

Shubham, Varanasi

It is a common belief that cruiser-style riding positions that place the feet forward are comfortable, but this only holds true for smooth roads. When encountering bad bumps or potholes, the best thing to do is to use your feet on the foot pegs to stand slightly, raise the body and hover over the seat. This greatly reduces the impact felt on the back, but it is hard to do so on bikes that have feet-forward riding positions.

We recommend your father considers a bike with an upright riding position and a comfortable suspension set-up. There are various options that will fit your budget, including the Honda Unicorn, and if you want something more stylish, the Honda X-Blade, Hero Xtreme 160R or the Yamaha FZ FI. The best way to decide is to take test rides and see which he prefers.

Is the Triumph Street scrambler good for city use? What is the best price I can get it at? I see a lot of websites showing different prices.

Shaswath, Nellore

The Triumph Street Scrambler is a relatively low and easy bike to ride compared to the Scrambler 1200. It is easy to manage within the city, but the high-set exhaust throws off heat, which can be a problem in heavy, slow moving traffic.

As for the price, the best option is to call your nearest Triumph dealership. If you are looking for a used bike, there are multiple sellers online and prices will differ based on factors like the model, year and condition of the bike. You can also check if a Triumph dealer near you has any used examples for sale.

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