Clean your toilet in just three minutes – tips

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The term ‘giving me the ick’ has become impossible to avoid in recent years, what with its constant presence on social media and shows like Love Island. However, ‘the ick’ is not exclusively reserved for dating fails – it can also be applied to cleaning tasks.

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Elbow Grease conducted some research and found that cleaning the loo is the most ‘ick’ worthy chore.

Indeed, in a poll taken by the cleaning brand, 67 percent of people surveyed said that a dirty loo was their biggest cleaning ick.

According to Elbow Grease, the average human spends around one and a half years on the toilet.

Other choices that ranked in the poll were smelly bedsheets, stained mugs, and dirty/unwashed dishes.

These were all voted as the biggest ick by 10 to 12 percent of individuals.

However, these are all incredibly important cleaning tasks that cannot be ignored.

After all, the average human will spend a third of their time in bed, and a countless amount not to mention how many cups of tea or coffee we get through in a lifetime.

But thankfully these jobs do not take all day, and wit the right products and know-how, can be taken care of very quickly.

How to clean a toilet quickly

On YouTube channel Clean My Space, Melissa Maker showed two million subscribers how to clean a toilet in just three minutes.

Melissa told cleaning enthusiasts – and cleaning unenthusiasts – to grab rubber gloves, a toothbrush (that you only use for cleaning the toilet), toilet bowl cleaner, a toilet brush, all-purpose cleaner and paper towls.

Going for paper towels rather cloths means you don’t have to wash them out afterwards.

First, Melissa sprayed the toilet with all-purpose cleaner, including the seat and lid. Her all-purpose cleaner is six ounces of tap water and one tablespoon of dish washing liquid.

Next, she poured toilet bowl cleaner under the rim of the bowl.

Melissa then wiped down the surfaces of the toilet with paper towels, starting from the top.

Her top tip was to change the paper towl often and be super mindful of immediate points of contact such as the toilet handle and the lid.

She told viewers not to ignore the base of the toilet, and urged them to grab their toothbrush for any tricky nooks and crannies including around the hinges.

Having let the toilet bowl cleaner sit for a while, she used the toilet brush to clean the toilet bowl.

Leave the brush inside the toilet bowl and flush to rinse, then leave the brush wedged under the seat for a minute to dry off.

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