Cleaning: Lynsey Crombie shares incredible 99p product to eradicate stains ‘All gone!’

Lynsey Crombie shares tips to clean tough staines

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Lynsey Crombie, also known as the Queen of Clean has tested many cleaning products over the years. One cleaning dilemma many households face is stains and how to remove them. With so many products on the market claiming to rid your sheets and clothing of food, dirt and other marks, it can be difficult to find one that genuinely works. Lynsey put one 99p product to the test and showed her 249,000 Instagram followers the brilliant results. 

Originally posted to her Instagram Stories, Lynsey has created a Stains highlight for anyone wishing to revisit the test. 

The TV cleaning expert wanted to try out Aldi’s Ace for White’s stain remover and decided to test it on a white tablecloth she had purposely stained with a variety of foods and drinks. 

“This is the white table cloth I use for stains – the girls are going to get this dirty and then we’re going to get them out,” Lynsey explained. 

“We’re going to stain this up then show you how to get the stains out – such fun on a Wednesday morning.” 

She pointed out the coffee granules, ketchup and honey which had been thrown onto the tablecloth and added: “Now, we’re putting on some soy sauce, we’re really going for it.” 

A capful of red wine then followed and Lynsey continued: “What we’re going to do is let this dry so the stains really go in and then we’re going to wash it.

“We’ve brought it outside and we’re going to leave it on the floor, let the floor set the stains in – leave it about an hour and come back to it and work some magic.” 

Back inside, Lynsey zoomed in on the stain and revealed: “This is the soy sauce stain that we put onto the white cloth, as you can see it’s expanded and it’s dried in. Now we need to get rid of it. 

“What I’m going to use is this Ace for Whites, it’s in Aldi for 99p and the way to use this when you’ve got a really bad dark stain is to pour some on and leave it. 

“What that will start to do is lift the stain off,” she said. 

“This is the current state, what’s happening is the Ace is breaking down the stain and taking it out of the fabric.” 

She continued with her top tips for using the product: “When you have got stains on t-shirts, apply a tiny amount, then rinse it off and put it in the washing machine. 

Ace for Whites is also available on Ocado.

“I’m going to wash this on it’s own and because it is stained, I’m going to cover the ketchup and honey with the product. 

“A good way of using this product is if you were washing a batch of plain white school shirts, work shirts, or a bunch of table cloths or white bedding, you can apply the product directly into the drum of your washing machine. 

“I would perhaps do three or four capsules direct to the drum, put your product in as normal and that will keep them nice and white,” Lynsey added. 

She then showed her followers the results: “I’m just taken the white table cloth out of the washing machine, I did a 40 degree quite a quick cycle, the Ace for Whites was applied directly to the stains and as you can see this is nice and white.”

Moving closer to see the tablecloth in detail, Lynsey exclaimed: “It’s now stain free!” 

About Lynsey Crombie 

Lynsey shot to fame after starring in Channel 4’s Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners. 

She now regularly appears on ITV’s This Morning and has penned two books. 

She shares her cleaning tips and tricks on Instagram with her followers. 

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