Cleaning: Mrs Hinch shows fans how she cleans her plug holes in new video

Mrs Hinch shares technique to clean plug holes

Mrs Hinch, whose real name is Sophie Hinchliffe, is a cleaning expert who has taken social media by storm. The cleaning guru has garnered an impressive 3.9 million followers on Instagram largely due to her cleaning tips. The mum-of-one usually shares her cleaning routine and other tidying tips on her Instagram stories.

Yesterday was no exception as the cleaning expert revealed how she cleans her plug holes.

Mrs Hinch revealed to fans that she uses just two products and hot water to clean her plug holes.

She said on her story: “Time for plugs… Soda crystals, water and finished with Zoflora.”

She began by taking a cup of the soda crystals and putting them down the plug hole.

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She then boiled some hot water and poured it down the sink with the soda crystals.

Mrs Hinch then finished off her routine by pouring Zoflora disinfectant down the plug hole.

She used Zoflora’s concentrated disinfectant with the scent of lavender to eliminate any unpleasant odours.

Mrs Hinch’s popularity has led some of her fans to create social media groups dedicated to cleaning tips.

Some of the groups have thousands of followers and attract hundreds of posts each day.

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One Facebook user asked one of the groups how she could clean her stainless steel sink.

She asked: “Is there anything I can use to get this up nice? Or even a special paint I can use?

“I’ve tried bleach and don’t rate pink stuff at all. It’s never worked on anything I used it on before.”

The sink appeared to be covered in orange-brown stains despite being clean.

The post was inundated with over a thousand comments from fellow cleaning enthusiasts who wanted to help her out.

Many users recommended using a stainless steel cleaner to make the sink “like new”.

The second most common answer was Viakal.

One user said: “Get some Viakal, leave it for an hour soaking get rid of that roughness and get some Bar Keepers friend it’s excellent.”

Another replied: “I use Viakal or Stainless Steel cleaner… both just as amazing!”

Other users recommended bleaching the sink overnight or using white vinegar on it.

One user said: “Bleach overnight, and then white vinegar… always worked in offices I cleaned with tea/coffee stains.”

Another user replied: “Neat bleach left all over the bottom for half an hour, rinse off, then use Viakal, spray and scrub and leave it on for 20 minutes.

“Rinse off, it should then be sparkling. Repeat if necessary.

“Use the Viakal once a week and rinse the sink out every time something is tipped in it and after it’s used.”

Some of the other recommendations were Cif cream cleaner, washing powder, Elbow Grease cleaner and Zoflora.

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