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POKÉMON tera raids are new to Scarlet and Violet, and offer amazing rewards to those who win.

However, the hardest raids, such as the seven-star Samurott raid, are not easy to take down.

Players have noticed a clever trick where you can take out your allies in order to improve your chances of victory.

Here are ways you can use your allies in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet in order to take down tera raids.

Pokémon SV raids: Moxie

There are a number of abilities which will boost a Pokémon’s stats when they knock out another Pokémon.

The most important one in Scarlet and Violet is Moxie, which boosts Attack when you take down a target.

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Carried by Gyarados and Quaquaval, Moxie doesn’t only boost Attack when you take out the raid target, but also when you take out allies.

Firing out strong attacks into your weak allies to knock them out is a fast way to boost your moves.

Pokémon SV raids: Draining moves

Moves such as Giga Drain, Drain Punch, Draining Kiss, and Bitter Blade will all help you regain health.

However, they are difficult to use against the raid boss, particularly when its shield is up.

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Luckily, you can use these moves on a weak ally in order to regain some health.

If you don’t have a draining move, you can always equip a Shell Bell so that every move is a draining move.

Pokémon SV raids: Absorbing abilities

There are a number of abilities, such as Orthworm’s Earth Eater, Clodsire’s Water Absorb, Raichu’s Lightning Rod, and Gastrodon’s Storm Drain which give you boosts when you are attacked by a certain type of move.

This trick can’t always be done solo, so you will often need a partner to continue shooting attacks into you.

While the health from the first two abilities is helpful, the second two can be very dangerous.

Both boost Special Attack when hit by an Electric-, or Water-type move respectively, turning these two into K.Oing machines.

Pokémon SV raids: Intimidate

A number of Intimidate ‘mons will appear as NPCs in raids, including Paldean Tauros, Arcanine, and Staraptor.

Intimidate will drop the raid bosses’ Attack stat, making it far less threatening.

Every time these Pokémon are knocked out, they will reapply the Intimidate dropping its Attack further.

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You don’t have to wait for the boss to take them out, you can do it yourself for an instant drop.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.

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