Council tax reduction for coronavirus: Cancelled for 16,000 households in latest news

More than 16,600 families are having their council tax bills cancelled this year. Around £2.1 million has been set aside by a Hardship Fund scheme.


  • Council tax reduction: You may be able to get money off bill

Sunderland City Council revealed those who claim Local Council Tax Support might be able to have the payment reduced, the Sunderland Echo reported.

Letters have been send to those applicable.

The Hardship Fund has been provided to local authorities in the England.

A paper on the scheme by the government wrote: “Council tax reductions should be applied as soon as possible from the beginning of the 2020-21 financial year and billing authorities should rebill council taxpayers as quickly as practical.”

However, not everyone will be able to take advantage on the scheme.

According to the government document, Birmingham has been allocated the largest sum of money, with £17,382,811 going towards easing council tax bills.

However, an expert recently told some ways to ease the financial burden.

She explain Britons can use an online calculator to see if they are eligible for a reduction.

Anna Stevenson, benefits expert at Turn2us, said: “The benefits system isn’t just Universal Credit.

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“So, it would be a good idea if people haven’t to just run a benefit calculation and check whether there’s any other benefits they ought to be entitled to.

“Council Tax Reduction it’s a benefit to help people with the cost of council tax.

“It’s means-tested. You can check whether you’re entitled to it using our calculator.”

Council Tax Reduction is normally an under claimed benefit that can help many.


  • Council Tax: What does Council Tax pay for?

Anyone can apply for it using the “Apply for Council Tax Reduction” tool on the government website.

The website says: “You could be eligible if you’re on a low income or claim benefits.

“Your bill could be reduced by up to 100 percent.”

Another property policy amid coronavirus is giving 30 percent off new homes to key workers.

On May 13 Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick revealed plans to get the industry back on its feet.

He also mentioned the “ambitious” First Homes programme that will come into play later this year.

The new First Homes programme is designed to help first-time buyers to get on the housing ladder, by offering a huge discount on new-build homes.

Under the scheme, first-time buyers would be able to purchase a new-build home with a 30 percent discount, saving an average of nearly £100,000.

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