Dana Perino, Jesse Watters single out media for silence on border crisis: It’s ‘really disturbing’

Dana Perino: Silence from media on border crisis ‘really disturbing’

‘The Five’ co-hosts debate the president’s handling of the immigration surge and its consequences.

New reports from the southern border have revealed that the immigration crisis is only getting worse and “The Five” co-host Dana Perino expressed her concern over the media’s silence on the tragedies occurring under President Biden.

“The silence from a lot of the media on this is really disturbing,” she said. “How could it be that this is now Biden’s fourth-worst crisis?”

On top of Afghanistan, the coronavirus pandemic and economic inflation, the administration has allowed the border crisis to swell to the point where border patrol is “completely overwhelmed,” Perino described.

Images released this week show thousands of immigrants camping out under a bridge in Del Rio, Texas, as well as photos of abandoned children. Border patrol numbers disclose that there were more than 200,000 migrant encounters during the month of August.

“Maybe the national focus is not on this issue but I’ll tell you where it is – in the border counties of Texas,” she said. “Anyone who’s a Democrat there, Henry Cuellar has been trying to raise the alarm on this, trying to get the Biden administration to pay attention… he’s probably thinking about that Oct. 2022 midterm.”

Co-host Jesse Watters explained that the presence of children at the border turned the situation into a “humanitarian crisis” – one worth the mainstream media spending airtime on. But outlets have become disinterested since a majority of crossers are single, adult men.

“They don’t want to show that because that’s a national security crisis, that’s an economic crisis, a real border crisis that lands on Joe’s plate,” he said. “And Joe’s lost track of the kids… How do you do that? You traffic kids across, then you just let them go?”

“Next time Joe says, ‘I care about the children,’ it’s a lie.”

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