Ducati reveals updated Panigale V4

Ducati has revealed the 2022 Panigale V4 bringing in a number of updates to improve the engine, gearbox, ergonomics, electronics, chassis and aerodynamics on the standard and ‘S’ variants. This is the most comprehensive update to the bike since it was launched.

The 1,103cc Desmosedici Stradale V4 engine is left relatively untouched, with only a few changes to the lubrication and exhaust system, including an oil pump that saps less power, and larger diameter exhaust exits to reduce back pressure. As a result, peak power is up slightly, from 214hp to 215.5hp, though torque has reduced, but only by 0.4Nm to 123.6Nm.

The accessory Akrapovic exhaust system has received its own set of changes, now terminating higher up on the motorcycle and reducing the sound level..

Radical changes have been made to the gearbox, which features taller first, second and sixth gears. The idea behind the changes is to make first gear more usable, more often at slower speed corners on-track, while stacking the rest of the cogs closer, to improve acceleration. The taller sixth gear delivers a higher top speed — 5kph higher, as per Ducati.

The electronic aids and maps have also been revised to accommodate these changes and the Panigale V4 now features four power modes: full, high, medium and low. Full offers maximum power in all gears except first, while low caps output at 150hp. The TFT dash has received a Track EVO mode which makes the rev counter more prominent and also highlights the rider aids being used.

The V4 also gets revised aerodynamics. The new winglets offer the same downforce as before: 37kg at 300kph, but with less drag. There are also new exhaust vents cut into the lower fairing to help with heat management, especially at high speeds.

On the chassis front, the fork on the S variant is new — now an Ohlins NPX 25/30 unit. It features 5mm more travel than before which allows for slightly lower spring stiffness. The rear shock and steering damper have remained untouched though the swingarm pivot is now 4mm higher than before to provide better anti-squat characteristics and improve stability under acceleration.

The final area to which changes have been made is ergonomics. The seat is now flatter and features a different surface finish to make it grippier; the fuel tank too has been redesigned.

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