E10 fuel: Why is it replacing regular petrol and is my car compatible?

PETROL is getting a makeover in the UK and will become E10.

But what does this mean, and how do you know if your car is compatible?

What is E10 fuel?

During summer 2021 the standard or premium petrol grade in the UK will become E10.

It contains up to 10 per cent renewable ethanol.

The renewable ethanol is added to reduce CO2 emissions to help tackle climate change.

It's estimated that the greener fuel could reduce CO2 emissions by 750,000 tonnes per year

Why is E10 fuel replacing regular petrol?

Standard unleaded fuel contains up to five per cent ethanol and can be used in any petrol cars without problems or the need for modification.

E10 is being introduced to work towards cleaner air and to cut CO2 emissions.

It is believed that the switch is the equivalent of taking up to 350,000 cars off the road.

E10 petrol is already widely used around the world, including across Europe, the US and Australia.

It has also been the reference fuel against which new cars are tested for emissions and performance since 2016.

When will E10 petrol be introduced?

The roll out has been delayed due to complications but people will be able to use the fuel by September 2021.

Filling stations will clearly label petrol as either E10 or E5.

The change in fuel only applies to petrol – diesel fuel will not be changing.

Is my car compatible?

As many as 600,000 vehicles on the roads in 2020 were not compatible with E10.

But you can check if your car is compatible by visiting the official website.

Vehicles manufactured from 2019 onwards should have a label close to the petrol filler cap clearly marked E10 and E5 showing the fuel that can be used.

Drivers are advised to contact car manufacturers with any questions surrounding their specific vehicle.

For example, Vauxhall says: “E10 fuel can be used in all petrol-engine Vauxhall vehicles except models with the 2.2-litre direct-injection petrol engine (code Z22YH) used in Vectra, Signum and Zafira.”

"Super" grade petrol will be available from most filling stations for vehicles that are incompatible with E10 fuel.

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