Elizabeth Warren Makes Surprise Appearance on SNL After Suspending 2020 Presidential Campaign

Elizabeth Warren, meet Elizabeth Warren!

Just days after dropping out of the 2020 presidential race, Warren, 70, made a surprise appearance on Saturday Night Live — and came face-to-face with Kate McKinnon, who has been spoofing her on the NBC sketch comedy series.

Warren guested during the cold open, during which McKinnon, 36, played Fox News’ Laura Ingraham for a spoof on the network’s coverage of the coronavirus.

“And now an interview with the latest Democratic candidate to end her campaign,” McKinnon said. “The woman who savagely murdered Michael Bloomberg on live television, please welcome Elizabeth Warren.”

Receiving huge applause, the Massachusetts senator said she was “doing just fine” since suspending her campaign.

“My friends and family have been so supportive,” she said. “They have been calling nonstop and asking ‘Are you okay? What do you need? Where you electable?’ That kind of thing.”

McKinnon then asked Warren who she would endorse for president on the Democrat side, which has now been narrowed down to former Vice President Joe Biden and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.

“Well, it’s tough. Maybe I’ll just pull a New York Times and endorse them both,” Warren said, receiving laughs from the audience and referring to the publication’s split endorsement of her and Amy Klobuchar.

“I am so proud of our campaign,” Warren said. “We built a wide coalition of teachers, preschool teachers, middle school teacher, and teachers’ pets. Not only did I not accept money from billionaires, I got to give one a swirly on live TV. But now, I’ve got time to do a little self-care. Hanging out with my dog Bailey, prank calling big banks, drag racing Subarus, avoiding Twitter, and before I go, I want to thank my supporters and say one last thing.”

Before Warren could continue, McKinnon surprised her in person, also dressed in the same blue blazer. “I wanted to put on my favorite outfit to thank you for all that you’ve done in your lifetime,” McKinnon said.

“I’m not dead, I’m just in the Senate,” Warren responded.

The two women then closed out the segment, hugging each other while looking at the camera saying, “Live from New York, it’s Saturday Night!”

Warren’s SNL appearance came days after she announced on Thursday that she was dropping out of the presidential race after a disappointing performance on “Super Tuesday,” in which 14 states all voted at once — and she failed to win a single contest, even coming in third in her home state of Massachusetts.

Warren has yet to give an official endorsement in the race, telling reporters Thursday that she was going to “take a breath” and take some time before any such announcement.

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