Elizabeth Warren's Dog Hilariously Steals a Burrito After Senator Drops Out of 2020 Race

Bailey Warren is one hungry pooch!

On Thursday, just hours after Sen. Elizabeth Warren announced her decision to drop out of the 2020 presidential race, her press secretary Gabrielle Farrell shared a hilarious video of Warren’s dog Bailey stealing a burrito.

In the clip, which was posted on Twitter, a group of people are seen trying to pry the beloved Mexican dish from Bailey’s mouth.

The pooch was determined to not let the burrito go as he held his mouth shut despite his owner — and the senator’s husband Bruce Mann  trying to force it open.

As one person held on to Bailey’s mouth, a different hopeful burrito lover retrieved pieces of ripped up tortilla.

Despite their efforts, Bailey had already eaten most of the treat.

“Bailey legit just swiped someone’s burrito,” Farrell wrote over the video.

Viewers applauded Bailey’s determination, writing, “Why are y’all trying to take it back? It’s his now.”

“Bailey deserves that burrito!” a different user tweeted.

“Dream big, bite hard,” a third Twitter user wrote, quoting Warren’s campaign slogan.

Other viewers interpreted Bailey’s fight for the burrito as him “eating his feelings.”

“Turns out Bailey and I have the exact same coping mechanism,” a different user expressed.

Sen. Warren’s announcement earlier on Thursday left the Democratic Party’s choice of a nominee between former Vice President Joe Biden and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Warren’s team said Wednesday she was weighing her options after a disappointing showing on “Super Tuesday,” in which 14 states all voted at once — and she failed to win a single contest, even coming in third in her home state of Massachusetts.

By contrast, Biden won 10 “Super Tuesday” states, including Massachusetts, and Sanders won four.

That disappointment was the clearest proof yet of Warren’s diminished place in the primary race and a dramatic reversal from her front-runner status last fall, when her can-do-it flurry of detailed policy proposals and vision of “big, structural change” in America put her at the top of many polls.

She and Sanders largely dominated the race’s most left-wing tranches. With plans to address health care, economic inequality and student debt, among other issues, she helped re-shape the Democratic primary — together with Sanders making it more liberal while insisting her ideas were more popular and more possible than had been believed.

That momentum did not ultimately carry her far enough, however.

Addressing her campaign staff in a call on Thursday morning, Warren, 70, spoke of the work she said the team had accomplished so far, even if they fell short of their goal, and she looked to the fights ahead. She also stung former rival Mike Bloomberg, the billionaire three-term mayor of New York City, one last time after going viral in a takedown of him at a February debate.

“In this campaign, we have been willing to fight, and, when necessary, we left plenty of blood and teeth on the floor. And I can think of one billionaire who has been denied the chance to buy this election,” she said.

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