Fox News’ Neil Cavuto Reminds Viewers Why Twitter Needs To Fact-Check Trump

Neil Cavuto on Thursday reeled over President Donald Trump’s attempt to crack down on Twitter because it offered a fact-check on his tweets. The Fox News host said Trump’s claims could be characterized as an “outright lie” and deserved to be checked.

Earlier, Trump signed an executive order designed to lessen liability protections for social media sites. It was an apparent punishment for Twitter after it flagged his tweets that said mail-in voting would be “substantially fraudulent.” Twitter also provided a collection of reports debunking his assertions.

Trump decried the move as “stifling free speech” and, at Thursday’s signing, threatened to shut down Twitter if his lawyers could find a way. 

Cavuto expressed concern that, “whatever your opinions on the left or right,” it was significant that the president saw fit to try to regulate or even shut down Twitter for correcting his misinformation.

“He was being policed on that because he was wrong. He was being policed on that because he said millions of ‘illegals’ were getting ballots when that simply was not the case,” Cavuto said. “So this isn’t a left-right issue. That was not the case. That was a wrong fact, that was a misstatement. Some have said it was an outright lie.”

Cavuto also broke down Trump’s “outrageous comments” suggesting MSNBC host Joe Scarborough had killed somebody, referring to a vile conspiracy theory Trump has embraced in an effort to debase his outspoken media critic.

“That was something too that had to be fact-checked. It wasn’t just a left or right thing here. That was something that was incumbent upon anyone to check comments that were deemed outrageous,” he said.

Cavuto risks escalating tensions with the president, who last week had several outbursts over a smattering of unfavorable coverage from the network that typically has his back. Last Monday, after Cavuto called out Trump’s dangerous claim he’s taking the anti-malaria drug hydroxychloroquine as a preventative treatment for COVID-19, Trump raged at Fox News until the weekend, blasting Cavuto and others as “garbage,” and accusing the network of going downhill and failing to help his reelection bid.

Watch Cavuto’s segment below.

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