GOP truck driver Ed Durr recounts ironic conversation with longtime predecessor after concession

Edward Durr: Inflation crisis is starting to feel intentional

NJ State senator-elect Edward Durr joins ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ to learn about his campaign strategy ahead of campaign victory.

New Jersey state senator-elect Edward Durr recounted an ironic conversation he had with his longtime predecessor – and state Senate President – Steve Sweeney after he conceded the race to the Republican commercial truck driver.

Durr, in an appearance on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Thursday, said Sweeney was “a gentleman” in his congratulatory call a day earlier, which followed his public concession.

“He congratulated me and just wished me luck, [told me] to do well for South Jersey,” Durr said.

“I told him, you know, if he ever needs anything, just give me a call, because I’m his representative now,” Durr, who is reported to have spent only $153 on his primary campaign, responded.

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During a press conference at the statehouse Wednesday, Sweeney, who served as New Jersey state Senate president since 2010, told reporters that he lost because of an unexpected “red wave.”

His concession comes six days after The Associated Press called the race for Durr.

Durr repeatedly attacked Sweeney during the campaign for not investigating nursing home deaths at the height of the pandemic.

“You not only had high costs of living in the state, worst tax rate, worst business tax rate, people being told they couldn’t live, couldn’t go to stores, couldn’t go to church,” Durr told Carlson. “You had nursing home deaths. It just became a combination of everything, and I got fed up with it and I said, ‘I’m not leaving the state, I’m going to fix the state, and that’s what I chose to do.”

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