Gov. Parson says Missouri will never mandate a COVID vaccine passport

Mike Parson: Missouri will never mandate a vaccine passport

Missouri Governor Mike Parson rejects the idea of a vaccine passport in the state of Missouri.

Missouri Governor Mike Parson rejected the idea of a vaccine passport in his state during a Wednesday appearance on “Fox & Friends.”


MIKE PARSON: I think a couple of things. One, it’s all about the privacy of the individual, who received a vaccine and who didn’t. Also, do we really want the federal government to have all that information in a database to be able to use it for whatever reason they might want to use it as time goes forward?

And I think the other thing is we’ve been in the vaccination business for four months actually with COVID-19. This whole process for over a year now has had so many unknowns in it. So many people that were experts that really turned out to be not-so-experts in all the things we’ve heard from this. So, who knows where these vaccines are gonna go. I’m not sure what the end result of this is going to be yet, on what it does.

So, I think it’s way premature. We’re never gonna do that in the state of Missouri. We’re never gonna have a mandate, a vaccine passport in this state. If people want to carry a card that’s fine. That’s called freedom, it’s called individual rights. But it’s not government’s place to do that.

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