Grand Designs: Kevin McCloud fears project is ‘doomed’ as sewer discovered next to land

Grand Designs: Kevin McCloud tours arched home in 2009

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This week on Channel 4’s Grand Designs, Kevin McCloud unveils a triangular shaped timber-framed home, which had faced a series of obstacles during the building process, having been located next to a railway line, busy road and sewer. The couple who financed the project was faced with mounting costs just to ensure the plot of land was “buildable”.

“Making this land buildable has cost us a fortune,” explained Friffa.

Designing his own home had always been an ambition of Olaf’s, and despite facing a series of obstacles, including being forced to increase their mortgage to cover the building costs, the couple remained positive.

“This is just our dream,” said Friffa. “We can do whatever we want here.”

With the home being located near a railway line, thick, triple-glazed windows had to be installed to reduce the noise and vibration levels.

The building featured a sloping, zinc-covered roof, with “cutting edge” solar panels.

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The top floor which was described as the couple’s “tree top haven” included a master bedroom, with a bathroom.

A handmade kitchen was crafted by Olaf, while the garden featured a huge, sunken fire pit with a drinks bar.

Having conceived through IVF, the couple welcomed a baby girl, Agatha, while the home was still in the building process.

“I hope that this place provides an opportunity for some our children to get more into country living,” said Friffa.

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During the build, Olaf, who took on a lot of the work himself, had to resolve several obstacles, including when the roof, one of the steepest angles on the building, had been installed two degrees out of place resulting in several hours of repair work.

To gain insight into how other carefully-designed homes had been insulated, Kevin visited a house which was located under a railway.

While marvelling at the design, Kevin said: “It’s like some sort of light machine at the end of the building, a series of really useful spaces, and it’s incredibly quiet.”

Having been unable to build a workshop, due to the location of the sewer, the couple decided to buy a £2,600 double decker bus, which served as a Olaf’s carpentry work space.

“It’s going to be really urban meets rural,” said Friffa.

After returning to the building following its completion, Kevin said: “This is beautiful, it’s exquisite and the building is so finely tuned.”

Having designed parts of the building using models of cardboard, Olaf said: “To actually create it in real life was a ground-breaking moment for me and to turn something so daft into reality.”

Grand Designs airs on Channel 4 on Wednesday at 9pm.

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