Hannity: Root cause of mass illegal migration is Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

Hannity: Kamala Harris doesn’t understand why a border visit is necessary

‘Hannity’ host discusses the Biden administration’s handling of the immigration crisis.

The Biden administration is quick to point fingers regarding the immigration crisis when really the president and his vice president are to blame, “Hannity” host Sean Hannity argued Tuesday.

In an interview with NBC, Vice President Kamala Harris wrongly asserted that she has visited the southern border, and even host Lester Holt pointed out that she hasn’t.

“Of course, it’s true she hasn’t been to Europe but I would guess she probably hasn’t been to the moon either,” Hannity said. “But guess what, there’s no border crisis in Europe or on the moon from what we can tell. But border czar Kamala Harris just doesn’t understand why she would ever need to visit the border in order to address the crisis at the border.”

Harris has recently attempted to blame the crisis at the border on climate change, which Hannity stressed is a “massive lie.”

“You’re now looking at the actual root cause of this year’s mass migration and it’s not climate change,” he said. “The problem is caused by Joe and Kamala. They’re the ones that ended the stay in Mexico policy. They stopped the wall construction. They stopped any and all deportations. They vowed to open up all of our borders.”

In 2017, Harris tweeted, “Say it loud. Say it clear. Everyone is welcome here,” and Hannity noted that Biden pushed for migrants to surge the border on the campaign trail in 2019.

“Joe [told] migrants to come and they did in record levels,” he said. “Many decked out in Biden campaign gear … And even the president of Guatemala – he’s now blaming Joe and Kamala for the ongoing surge, lecturing both of them.”

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