Heating: How to keep property warm and slash bills with £2 bubble wrap hack

Working from home: Expert explains how to claim for energy bills

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Energy and heating bills are a huge expense for property owners, especially during the winter months. However, using household items such as tin foil and bubble wrap could help Britons save hundreds of pounds on bills.

While turning on the radiator will quickly heat up a home, leaving it on too long can be pricey.

Experts at Mattress Online shared tips which they claimed could help Britons save around £287 on energy bills.

They explained how to save with some simple hacks using items homeowners probably already have to hand.

Put tin foil on windows

Insulation is important for keeping a home warm and tin foil can stop heat from escaping, the experts explained.

They said: “Insulate your bedroom by lining the edges of the window with aluminium foil.

“Heat easily escapes through your windows, but this everyday household product prevents the air from passing through.

“So, if you have your radiators on in the day, the foil will help to store the heat at night. If you don’t already have it in the kitchen, a roll of foil costs just 65p.

“Not only can the hack help Britons warm up, it does not have to cost a lot to do.”

Use bubble wrap on windows

If looking for a quick way to trap heat, the experts suggested bubble wrap could work in place of double glazing.

“Strangely, bubble wrap is great for insulating your windows,” they continued.

“It works similarly to double glazing by reducing heat loss.

“Simply spray water onto your bedroom window and stick the bubble side down.

“It might not look very attractive, but when tested, bubble wrap insulation improves heat loss by up to 50 percent on single-glazed windows.

“You can add a second layer of wrap for even more insulation, too.

“At the supermarket, bubble wrap costs around £2.11 per roll, so it’s a cheap fix.”

Use towels to get rid of draughts

Draughty windows and doors can let cold air into a property.

If these are identified, homeowners could preserve heat by blocking any gaps with towels.

“Another free fix to warm your bedroom is to seal your drafty door with a cotton bath towel,” the experts stated.

“Cotton insulation is commonly used in home construction, as it slows down the flow of heat.

“All you need to do is place a clean, dry towel along the bottom of your door to help insulate your bedroom and stop cold air from coming through.”

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