Hideous rainbow house in Florida infuriates neighbors

Not all rainbows are a welcome sight in Florida neighborhood.

A half-a-million-dollar house in an upscale Naples community has been haphazardly smeared with a multicolored paint job after a father and son butted heads over the property. And locals aren’t beaming about it.

Dennis Liebman sued his son and co-owner Jeffrey Liebman to divide the house and force a sale after he missed three mortgage payments. They battled it out in court until a judge finally ordered Jeffrey to cooperate with the sale in July. That’s when things turned ugly — and colorful.

Jeffrey refused the judge’s orders and wouldn’t allow real estate agents to conduct any showings. Then he went on a rainbow rampage. Neighbors told the Naples Daily News they started seeing Jeffrey spray-painting the 2,517-square-foot house at located at 6913 Il Regalo Circle in splashes of bright hues: red, orange, yellow, pink and purple. Everything was eventually covered, from the facade to the windows to the mailbox — and even a palm tree on the lawn.

The house is part of an intimate lakefront community called Il Regalo that has less than 40 homes. The late-night painting bouts and their results shocked neighbors and drew attention from code enforcement officials, local police and the media.

“I’m most mad about the tree,” across-the-street-neighbor Amber Chamber told the local paper. “I don’t know how you fix that.”

But the nightmare might soon be over. On Feb. 27, Judge Lauren Brodie approved an order for sale for $225,000 — basically just the value of the lot. It was previously valued at $528,623. The lower valuation comes after magistrate Brandon Bytnar told the judge that Jeffrey had “absolutely destroyed the property.”

The listing agent, Christina Falzarano Bajraktarevic, agreed. She testified that it would cost $300,000 to repair the home and even believed the damage was so bad it could be a tear-down job. “The buyer could demolish it and rebuild it,” she said.

Jeffrey, who represented himself, objected to the judge’s reduced sale price, saying it was too low, especially after some upgrades he made to the home. Bajraktarevic then shared details about the interior damage, which includes holes in the walls and ripped-out cabinets. The rainbow paint job will likely mean a new roof, landscaping and windows.

The judge didn’t take Jeffrey’s side, and the house is now expected to close around April 1. The buyer refused to comment to local papers.

Meanwhile, Jeffrey is due back in court next month for unrelated drug charges.

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