How staff working from home can reclaim hundreds of pounds spent on energy bills

As coronavirus continues to impact the economy more and more people are expected to work from home. As a result of this, energy bills will likely rise as people use laptops and home commuters much more than usual.


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Analysis from Utility Bidder shows that workers using a desktop computer could see their bills increase by at least £2.80 per month.

Laptops have a similar impact, with users expected to see their bills rise by a minimum of £1.40 a month.

On top of this, some workers may need to use employer issued phones. Charging this phone will also add to an electricity bill.

All of this can quickly add up when additional energy uses are taken into account.

Thankfully, it may be possible for some employees to claim back some of these energy expenses.

As James Longley, the Managing Director for Utility Bidder detailed: “For many people, even a small increase in their gas or electricity can have a big knock-on effect.

“However, remote workers could be able to claim back £4 per week or £18 per month from their employer to cover any gas or electricity costs that are used for business purposes.”

James went on to break down what’s needed for this:

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: “You may be eligible to claim back expenses if you are remote working involuntarily and pay taxes, do not complete self-assessment forms and are not claiming back over £2,500 for a single tax year.

“Workers will generally not be required to provide evidence of their gas and electricity usage, unless they are claiming more than £18 per month.”

There is a specific state form that is needed to process this.

Thankfully, James hunted down the exact form needed:


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“Claiming back work-from-home expenses can be done digitally by submitting a P87 form which is found on the website.

“However, we would advise that employees speak with their manager or payroll department first before doing this.”

People who use this service will get a reference number from the government.

This reference number will be used to track the progress of the form.

When providing details to the government, the person involved will be able to inform the state on multiple tax years for up to five different jobs.

It is important to gather every piece of information available before doing this.

The government highlight that they review all the information given when deciding if relief will be granted.

While completing this form and returning it online will likely be the quickest route, it is also possible to do it by post or over the phone.

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