‘Instant results!’: Mrs Hinch fans share 1p hack to ‘properly’ remove limescale from taps

TikTok user shares how to remove grime and limescale from taps

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With over 60 percent of the UK classed as having hard water, limescale is a problem for many. It presents itself in a powdery-white crust and lingers around taps, sinks, toilets, shower screens, and anywhere else you might find water. Limescale is a substance mainly made up of calcium and magnesium, which is left behind when hard water evaporates. Fans of cleaning sensation Mrs Hinch have taken to dedicated cleaning pages to share their trusty tips to give “instant results” on taps.

Posting on Mrs Hinch fans Facebook post, one woman asked for advice on getting rid of limescale on her bathroom taps.

Rachel Lajoie wrote: “Any tips to get rid of limescale on bathroom taps please?”

The limescale build up isn’t just unsightly, it can actually cause damage when left too long to set.

This can restrict the flow of water and reduce the efficiency of your taps and showers.

As time goes on and the longer it’s left, it could cause you to use the appliances for longer than you usually would, which could boost your utility bills even higher than they already are.

Unfortunately, there appears to be no finite solution to ensure limescale doesn’t reappear, meaning it tends to be a constant battle for those in the bathroom.

However, Mrs Hinch fans have shared an easy way to properly remove this substance and it couldn’t save you any less money.

According to the cleaning enthusiasts all you need for this hack is a 1p coin.

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This trick simply involves wetting a 1p coin and gently rubbing it onto the areas of limescale on taps.

Talia Stevens said: “If it’s the hard accumulated limescale at the spout of the tap, to properly remove it use a 1p coin – it just breaks away!”

Sarra Clark suggested: “Use the edge of a 1p coin to scrape over the limescale. It gives instant results.”

Sharon Hooper advised: “Wet a 1p coin and gently rub it on the tap.”

Maggie Pendrigh commented: “Rub with a copper coin (1p or 2p) gently and it comes away easily.”

Chrissie Slee wrote: “A 1p coin is excellent, it gets the limescale off instantly. It’s so much better than using expensive chemicals.”

Charlotte Cummins explained: “Using a 1p coin to remove limescale is excellent and so quick. 

“There’s no need to wait around for results as you can see it working as soon as you rub it on the taps.”

Any copper coin will work for this hack so it doesn’t need to specifically be a 1p coin.

Other Mrs Hinch fans suggested using white vinegar to remove signs of build up.

Pauline Meadows said: “White vinegar on a cotton bud, leave a while then rinse.”

Staci Marie Russel added: “White vinegar soaked into a tea towel and leave on overnight, but the longer the better.”

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