Iowa governor rips Biden over school mask mandates: 'Unconscionable what he's doing to these kids'

Gov. Reynolds on Biden’s COVID agenda: Mask mandate he’s making kids follow is ‘unconscionable’

Iowa’s governor Kim Reynolds argues schools can operate ‘safely and responsibly’ without a mask requirement and urges the president to worry about U.S. national security.

Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds slammed President Biden on “Fox & Friends” Friday for going after states that have put a ban on coronavirus mask mandates. Reynolds argued its “unconscionable” for children to be forced to wear a mask in school and that the president should “should focus on doing his job and getting Americans out of Afghanistan.”


GOV. KIM REYNOLDS: I think he should focus on doing his job and getting Americans out of Afghanistan and I’ll do mine. I led the country in getting our kids back in school last year, and we were able to do it safely and responsibly. And our kids are better off for it. And all the while, he paid lip service to parents and families, while kowtowing and placating the teachers union. And it’s unconscionable, unconscionable what he’s doing to these kids. I have 11 grandchildren and those kids were in school. They did it safely and responsibly. And I’ve been at the Iowa State Fair. We have the great Iowa State Fair going on right now. And I can’t even begin to tell you the number of parents and moms and teachers that have come up to me and said, please stay strong, keep our kids in the classroom, let us decide what’s best for my children. We know, we know their health. Please don’t reverse the ban on mask mandates. 

And just so your audience knows, we actually did this through the legislature. So we have elected officials by Iowans. It went through the House and the Senate, it was sent to my desk and I signed it. So this is something that Iowans support. 


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