Is there a problem with ITV? How to check problems and outages

ITV crashed on Monday afternoon (October 11), leaving viewers annoyed across the UK. 

Here’s everything you need to know…

Is ITV down?

Technical problems began around 3.20pm October 11, according to DownDetector. 

Viewers were confronted with distorted audio and sounds.

As of yet, there is no reason given behind the technical issue.

However, 90% of those who reported problems had issues viewing the live channels on Freeview. 

Reports from across the country include Bristol, Sheffield, Essex, Teddington and West Yorkshire. 

An ITV statement read: “We apologise for the reduction in picture quality experienced by viewers watching ITV on Freeview (standard definition), this afternoon. Service for these viewers has been restored.”

How can I check if ITV is not working?

The simplest way of checking if ITV is not working is by testing the channels out.

Try and play all ITV channels, including freeview.

If any of the images or the sound audio are distorted this could indicate that ITV is not working.

Keep up to date with ITV hub Twitter to see any updates or acknowledgement of the situation as the likelihood is you won't be the only one experiencing it. 

You can go to their official website to report any issue you are experiencing as well as their Twitter.

When have there been ITV outages before?

In June, ITV suffered a technical glitch when viewers were tuning in to watch France vs Switzerland in the Ruo 2020 games.

ITV hub official Twitter account issued a message reassuring users that they were dealing with the situation. 

Their Tweet read: "We are currently experiencing technical difficulties and working on getting services back as soon as possible."

Last month, Channel 4 and Channel 5 went off air following an evacuation of the networks' transmission centre.

It appeared a fire at a London broadcast distribution centre caused the problem.

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