Jim Jordan: Yellen targets mom's finances, but no concern for joint account between Hunter & Joe Biden

Hunter Biden under federal investigation amid new bombshell report

Jesse Watters and Rep. Jim Jordan offer analysis on ‘Fox News Primetime’

Amid a new Hunter Biden bombshell report that the 51-year-old businessman-turned-artist shared a joint bank account with his then-vice presidential father, Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, questioned why Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen is touting the IRS’ plan to monitor-in-bulk $600-or-higher transactions of average Americans while ignoring such reports.

“Fox News Primetime,” host Jesse Watters cited a Daily Mail report that information on the controversial laptop allegedly abandoned by Hunter at a Wilmington computer repair store alluded to a joint account between father and son.

Jordan added that the White House continues to dismiss scrutiny of $75,000 Hunter Biden paintings being marketed by the Manhattan-based Georges Berges gallery in recent days.

“He sold… five of those – are they going to look at that? Or are they going to be so busy trying to find out what my mother-in-law spent in her bank account? I mean, this is crazy. But this is where the left goes. It is all about control, and all about limiting freedom, and I am very nervous about where they want to take the country.”

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