Lady Kitty Spencer’s lavish wedding venue features endless marble & ancient gardens

Lady Kitty Spencer poses on balcony in Rome

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The bride, 30, wore a custom Dolce and Gabanna lace wedding dress for her special day – and the extravagant gown fitted in with the surroundings perfectly. Lady Kitty’s venue dates back to 1566, and is a classic Italian style mansion.

At one time, it belonged to the Vatican – being owned by Pope Clement VIII in 1600.

The building houses important works of art by artists such as Carracci, Raphael, and Bellini.

It is in fact entirely appropriate as a wedding venue thanks to it being the original home of a famous Roman painting of a wedding scene, the Aldobrandini Wedding, which is now housed in the Vatican Mueseums.

Vsitors are welcome to tour the grounds from 7am-sunset every day.

It features ancient fountains, marble and rare plant species throughout.

The giant palazzo sits on a wooded hill, and has views right out to St Peters, in Rome.

Holding 300 inside and a staggering 2000 outside, it is the perfect venue for a large wedding such as Lady Kitty’s.

There is a chapel in the grounds also, meaning guests can stay in one location.

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Following the wedding, Lady Kitty and her husband will have an eyewatering combined net worth of £200million.

Michael, 62, is the chairman of the Foschini group, which is a clothing company in South Africa.

The pair have been living in a £20 million ($26 million) London mansion for the last few years.

Kitty and Michael went public with their relationship in May 2019 when they were both holidaying in New York.

That August, Kitty was photographed kissing Michael after leaving a club in St Tropez.

Kitty, 30, was raised in an aristocratic household and Eternal Lifestyle estimates that before she was married she was worth around £72 million herself.

Michael’s estimated net worth is over £80 million ($111 million), which puts the power couple at a combined net worth of over $200 million.

He also owns a property in South Africa leaving many options for the newly married couple to live there and in London.

The 62-year-old comes from a very wealthy family.

Michael’s grandfather founded a furniture retailer in the 1930s, which his son, Stanley Lewis, transformed into the Foschini Group in the 1980s. Michael has been chairing the Foschini Group since 2015.

Kitty shares fancy photos of the couple’s mansion on her Instagram regularly.

She recently redecorated her home in the most opulent of styles, adorning the mansion with crystal chandeliers and baroque furniture.

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