Lahren: Federal court pause of Biden vax mandate a chance to stop 'Stalinesque' attack on Americans

Tomi Lahren reacts to circuit court temporarily blocking vaccine mandate

Tomi Lahren sounds off in her ‘Final Thoughts’ commentary

In her Final Thoughts commentary on Monday, host Tomi Lahren praised the Gulf Coast-centric Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals for halting, at least temporarily, President Biden’s “Stalin”-esque mandate enforced via OSHA that employers with more than 100 workers verify proof that each employee elected to be injected with a coronavirus vaccine or face termination.

“In a huge win in the fight for liberty, personal, health and medical freedom, state’s rights and the American values that underlie all of those aforementioned things, the 5th circuit court of appeals has halted Biden’s unconstitutional, tyrannical and BS vaccine mandate for businesses,” she said, praising Texas Attorney Gen. Ken Paxton for leading the legal effort to block what she said is a constitutionally dubious edict from Biden.

Paxton was joined in the effort by his colleagues in Utah, Mississippi, South Carolina and Louisiana.

On Fox Nation, Lahren questioned Biden’s claim that he must as president protect vaccinated Americans from unvaccinated Americans, given the fact that people who have received the vaccine jab can still contract the respiratory virus anyway.

Klain previously served as Biden’s chief of staff when he was Vice President during the Obama-Biden administration, and is a lawyer with extensive experience across Capitol Hill. 

She called the weekly-testing carveout for non-public workers “smoke and mirrors”, as many employers will simply pass the cost and inconvenience onto their employees to handle. Qualifying COVID tests for travelers at places such as Newark and Logan Airports can set a patient back hundreds of dollars at a time, for comparison.

“And to make it even more communist-friendly, this mandate would weaponize OSHA, allowing them to send agents to businesses to check for compliance and if not, be fined over $136,000,” she said.

“What a not-only-unconstitutional but stupid thing to implement during a supply chain and worker shortage crisis.”

Ken Paxton, Texas attorney general, speaks during the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Dallas, Texas, U.S., on Sunday, July 11, 2021. The three-day conference is titled "America UnCanceled." Photographer: Dylan Hollingsworth/Bloomberg via Getty Images
(Dylan Hollingsworth/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

“Health and safety sure sounds a lot like communism mixed with complete and utter lunacy but hey, that’s the trademark of this administration so, not surprised. Stalin and Mao would be so proud.”

Lahren went on to characterize Biden as a “sleepy, wannabe-dictator” who is oppressing his own citizens while inviting what could soon be millions of illegal immigrants into the United States with de facto vaccine-mandate exemptions:

“[M]illions of illegals have invaded and are continuing to invade our nation- unmasked, vaxxed or tested. It’s infuriating, it’s wrong and it’s unamerican,” she said.

‘Where are those leftist worker’s rights advocates who parade in the streets for $15 minimum wage and other perks? Is a vax mandate not something you’d like to take up in your noble activism? Or could it be you only do the bidding of the Democrat agenda and couldn’t care less about workers themselves?”

“I thank God every night we still have some patriots in this country, like Attorney General Paxton, Governor DeSantis [of Florida] and others who are still willing to go to bat and fight to the death on our behalf.”

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