Laura Ingraham: Democrats should be worried

Ingraham’s first law of consequences

One of the consequences of inflation is abysmal poll numbers for Joe Biden, Ingraham says

Just like Isaac Newton theorized back in the day that every action has a reaction, Laura Ingraham said on Thursday’s show that the failures under President Joe Biden are causing disastrous consequences for the county, and potentially for Democrats. 

Ingraham presented two of her own laws. The first, “For every rise in inflation, there’s a roughly equal and opposite decline in Biden’s poll numbers.”

The first addressed rising inflation within the U.S. A Fox News survey released Wednesday showed only 39% approved of Biden’s performance not even a year into his presidency. 

It further showed that 87% of respondents were concerned about inflation and rising prices. 

“And now Americans are watching in horror as their incomes and savings get decimated by rising prices for food, clothing, shelter and energy,” Ingraham said. 

“If Democrats weren’t already worried about their prospects in 2022 and 2024, they should be now,” Ingraham said.

The rising inflation was exacerbated by the shipping shortages caused by bottlenecks in the U.S. supply line. To mitigate the crisis, the Biden administration announced that it worked on the logistics with the Los Angeles port to expand its hours of operations to 24/7. “By increasing the number of late-night hours of operation and opening up for less-crowded hours when the goods can move faster, today’s announcement has the potential to be a gamechanger,” Biden said. 

The second is that “The more miserable a political party makes Americans, the more likely they are to get thrown out of power.”

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