Levin: Migrant flights 'all about politics', targeting suburbs: 'They're not going to Newark or Camden'

Levin: The First Amendment is under attack by AG Garland, staff

‘Life, Liberty & Levin’ host sounds off on the Biden administration’s ‘assault’ on the U.S. constitution

Fox News host Mark Levin said Tuesday he believes there is a clear geopolitical aspect to the Biden administration’s secretive migrant flights and ensuing shuttling of illegal immigrants to suburban locations in the Mid-Atlantic and South.

Levin cited the New York Post’s bombshell report from earlier in the week that revealed thousands of young migrants landing in the dead of night at Westchester Airport in White Plains, New York, where the passengers are then bused to various drop off points.

“Aren’t you sick of government operating this way, under cover of dark – without the American people even knowing what’s taking place?” Levin asked his audience on “The Mark Levin Show on Westwood One”, calling out liberal mainstream newspapers for largely ignoring the situation.

The flights have reportedly been happening recently as the Biden Administration has been allowing illegal immigrants to stay in the county instead of deporting them.
(New York Post/Christopher Sadowski)

Reading aloud from the Post report, Levin noted that many of the destinations are in suburban; therefore often politically more moderate than their nearby urban locales.

While some buses were taking young migrants down the pike to the Bronx, Levin noted how others have gone to places like Syosset, Long Island, and suburban New Jersey – going on to call out the fact drivers of vehicles picking up migrants at the Thomas Edison Service Area near Woodbridge, N.J., did not appear to show identification to officials, according to the Post.

“Now think about that. That is shocking – They could be handing them over to perverts or to the sex slave business,” the “Life, Liberty & Levin” host said.

He read on, citing references to other suburban destinations like Newburgh, New York and Danbury, Connecticut.

“This is all about politics – it’s not about compassion, it’s not about humanity,” Levin continued.

The host went on to claim that the choices of the exurban Tri-State and the Big Bend region of Florida were being made from the top by White House officials – furthermore alluding to the fact those areas are not overwhelmingly Democratic or liberal in comparison to their urban neighbors.

“They are sending many of these illegal aliens into the suburbs – there’s no story about these kids being released in Newark or Camden… [but] out to Westchester and Long Island.”

Migrants seen after getting off a plane in Westchester.
(New York Post/Christopher Sadowski)

Newark, the Garden State’s largest city, is overwhelmingly Democratic – as is Camden, which sits across the Delaware River from equally liberal Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

“It’s absolutely despicable,” the host continued, “using these little kids as pawns, violating federal immigration law as [Attorney General Merrick Garland] sits there targeting parents,” he said. 

“They’re clearly trying to affect the suburbs, clearly trying to turn Texas and Florida [blue] – this is a disgrace,” he added before going on to criticize Republicans for failing to draft Articles of Impeachment against President Biden for these actions. 

The host said that while the GOP remains in the minority, the Democrats have never let being the minority party stop them from taking a stand.

“Of course Democrats in Congress are still chasing Donald Trump,” he added, referring to Rep. Bennie Thompson’s, D-Miss., January 6 committee that is seeking subpoenas of Trump associates.

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