‘Makes my blood boil’ Britons furious as pensioners face 12% National Insurance hike

Boris Johnson defends National Insurance levy in Parliament

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Last week, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a 1.25 percent increase on NI for workers and employers to address the country’s growing social care crisis. Pensioners who continue working past the state pension age will also have to pay the 1.25 percent tax increase on their earnings, despite their overall income from savings and pensions being immune to it. Workers need to be at least 16 years old and either be an employee earning above £184 a week or a self-employed individual who is making a profit of £6,515 or more a year.

Those over the state pension age of 66 have not had to make any NI contributions, however Mr Johnson’s announcement is set to change that.

This will be most alarming to pensioners who are having to work post-retirement age in order to bolster their income in the face of rising living costs.

If older Britons are hit with the full charge of National Insurance, they could potentially face a tax levy of 12 percent.

Responding to Express.co.uk’s coverage of the NI increase, readers have voiced their anger over the possibility of a tax hike on pensioners.

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Reacting to the hike, one commentator Chelseacity said: “Well I am a pensioner and still working at age 67.

“I don’t mind paying some more in tax to help our own people. What makes my blood boil is we need this extra money to foot the cost of the tens of thousands, if not now millions of people, who are in our country and using services that they are not entitled to.

“This is one of the main reasons why we are broke.”

Addressing the Prime Minister, Lady Looe added: “Boris will not be getting in for a second term if he does this to pensioners.


“We’ve paid our NI for over 40 years and most youngsters haven’t even started to pay it until they are over 21, whereas us oldies paid it from 15! 

“I will never vote for the Tories again if they do this! I’ve earned my meagre pension of £135 per week. Goodbye Boris!

Joining in on the popular train of thought, Dodgerrr said: “The lowest paid pensioners in the Western world & this appalling government wants to take more money off them. Shameful!”

Addressing recent employment figures, Express.co.uk reader Yoyoabc added: “Over a million jobs are vacant.


“Get the work shy working and off benefits, and paying taxes. The country has gone to the dogs.”

Dontdopolitics said: “All this will do is increase the unemployment figures as older workers who won’t bother going out to work.

“Not for minimum wage and this tax. Anyhoo, more vacancies for younger people who don’t want to work. Something else the remoaners will blame on Brexit!

The ragglefant added: “How does it feel to have paid into the system all your life only to find you are now a second class citizen in your own country?

Dr Hope said: “Boris’s NI plan for pensioners paves the way for pensioners to seriously punish the Tories at the next elections.

“Pensioners have paid their dues all their lives, to be awarded one of the lowest pensions in the Western world.”

“It’s a disgrace.

It is unknown if the Government will make any modifications to their National Insurance hike plans, but currently pensioners are showing concern about having to part ways with their hard-earned cash.

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