Martin Lewis on support for the self-employed: ‘There is going to be a change so hold on’

Martin Lewis has expressed his worry for the self-employed in recent days. He is not the only one to do so, many people have been disappointed with the government’s perceived lack of support for the self-employed.


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So far, the government has announced supportive measures for employees and people on Universal Credit.

There have also been loans offered to businesses across the UK to keep them afloat during this tough time.

However, while hinted at, the government has not made any formal announcements for the self-employed thus far.

Many people have turned to Martin for help in this area and he assured his followers that he is on the case.

In a video uploaded to twitter today, Martin said: “I’m very aware of how difficult the scenario is right now if you’re self-employed.

“You may have no income coming in and feel there is very limited support from the state.

“So, I have two big messages for you.

“The first is I have it confirmed from the government they are working on a support package for the self-employed right now.

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“There are a lot of technical challenges to doing this which is why it’s taking a bit more time.

“But this is a pressing priority and they hope to make an announcement this week which means by Friday at the latest.”

While this is undoubtedly good news, Martin was quick to point out that he doesn’t know what will be in this package:

“I don’t know what the support package is. But one would assume they would look to put the self-employed in some form of parity with employees, who are getting eight percent of their salaries, up to £2,500 paid by the government if they can’t work or there isn’t work available.”


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Martin went on to implore people not to stress too much over their situations: “Well hold on, don’t make drastic changes yet, wait to see what that support package is.

“There is going to be a change, so hold on please.”

Moving on from this, Martin went on to detail what options self-employed people do currently have. 

He highlighted that money put aside for tax could provide some cash flow, as tax self-assessments can now be deferred.

There have also been changes made to statutory sick pay which now means that self-employed people can receive it.

On top of this, he highlighted that taking advantage of the housing elements within Universal Credit can be substantial and beneficial.

Martin ended the video with a general well-wishing message for everybody, regardless of their employment status, and said: “Keep yourself safe and healthy if you can.”

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