Martin Lewis provides point blank answer to furlough query: ‘yes, next question!’

Martin Lewis understands the financial world better than most, which includes all the new schemes and laws put in place in recent months. It’s the reason why thousands flock to the Money Saving Expert for advice but one caller may have been stunned by the point blank answer she got.


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Alison dialled into This Morning to ask Martin a very simple question which may have had a complex answer.

She detailed that she has two jobs, one of which she has been furloughed from.

This must have happened recently as she went on to ask Martin if she was allowed to continue working for the second job.

Martin didn’t hesitate or even think that hard in his response.

He looked into the camera and without flinching said: “Yes, next question!”

This left Alison and the This Morning team slightly stunned but Martin eventually went on to break down the rules.

He detailed that there is “nothing preventing” Alison from working the second job.

This would be the case so long as the two employers are not “linked companies”.

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Martin went on to highlight that from July she may even be able to go back to work for the company while still being furloughed.

This circumstance is possible due to new clarifications made by Rishi Sunak.

In the daily briefing that occurred on May 29, the Chancellor of the Exchequer confirmed that: “From July 1st, employers will have the maximum possible flexibility to decide on the right arrangements for them and their furloughed staff.

“For instance, if you are watching at home and on furlough, your employer could bring you back two days a week.


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“They would pay you for those two days as normal, while the furlough scheme will continue to cover you for the other three working days.

“To allow us to introduce this new, flexible furlough from July 1st, we will need to close the old scheme to new entrants on June 30th.

“Employers wanting to place new employees on the scheme will need to do so by June 10th…

“…to allow them time to complete the minimum furlough period before then.”

Martin repeatedly detailed that this should all be fine so long as the companies are not linked.

He explained that the main thing which could derail plans like this is if the employment contracts the worker signed prevent them from working elsewhere.

He assumed however that in Alison’s case as she was already working for both that it wasn’t an issue and that the two companies weren’t linked.

She clarified that one of her employers was an agency and the other was a public role within the NHS.

Thankfully, after hearing this Martin concluded that it all sounded fine and Alison didn’t have anything to worry about.

On top of this furlough query, Martin also answered questions on rental agreements, mortgage deals and credit records.

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