Meghan McCain shades Kamala Harris over John McCain memorial visit: 'If you want to honor my dads legacy … '

Afghanistan evacuation: Concerns bubble as Aug. 31 deadline approaches

Fox News contributors Steve Hayes, Mara Liasson and Byron York discuss the administration’s mission to rescue Americans and allies from Afghanistan.

Meghan McCain shaded Vice President Kamala Harris on Wednesday, hours after Harris paid her respects at a Hanoi, Vietnam, memorial to McCain’s father, the late U.S. Sen. John McCain, three years after the senator’s death.

“If you want to honor my dads legacy on this anniversary of his death – you would spend every second making sure every single American and Afghan ally is out of harms way,” McCain tweeted without ever mentioning Harris’ name. “He was nothing if not someone who understood sacrifice and loyalty to the people he served with.”

The vice president’s trip to Asia, which is meant to reassure allies of the U.S.’ commitment to the region and counteract Chinese influence, has been broadly overshadowed by President Biden’s Afghanistan debacle and the ensuing efforts to get evacuees out of the country as the Taliban takes over. 

Meghan McCain, left, shaded Vice President Kamala Harris on Wednesday, hours after the vice president paid her respects at a Hanoi, Vietnam, memorial to late Sen. John McCain’s years as a POW during her sweep through Southeast Asia. 

Meghan McCain – who recently stepped down as a co-host of “The View” – has posted numerous tweets about the crisis in Afghanistan and it’s not the first time she has criticized the vice president. 

On Monday, she called Harris “craven” and said she’s had ample time to train herself not to react to every situation like she’s on a late-night show after the vice president laughed when a reporter asked her a question about Afghanistan.

U.S. Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., and daughter Meghan McCain are seen on the set of "The View," in a visit for Meghan McCain’s birthday, Oct. 23, 2017. (Getty Images)

“Hold on, hold on, hold. Slow down everybody,” Harris said laughing when asked about getting evacuees about the country. She then gave a more serious answer. “We couldn’t have a higher priority right now,” she said. 

McCain compared the vice president’s tendency to laugh while speaking to reporters to Joaquin Phoenix in “The Joker,” saying she might have some kind of “real issue.” Phoenix’s “Joker” suffered from uncontrollable laughter, sometimes at inappropriate times. 

U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris lays flowers at the Sen. John McCain memorial site, where his Navy aircraft was shot down by the North Vietnamese, three years after his death, in Hanoi, Vietnam, Aug. 25, 2021. (Associated Press)

Harris stopped at the memorial, located where John McCain was shot down and subsequently became a POW in Hanoi during the Vietnam War in 1967. Her visit came after she met with the country’s prime minister and president on Wednesday. 

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