Mortgage adviser says first-time buyers who can’t afford own home have ‘victim mentality’

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Ewa Brzeska, 25, from Carlisle, took to her TikTok page to criticise those who say they can’t afford to buy a home and blame the government for their housing woes. She pointed out the variety of schemes available for first-time buyers, including lifetime ISAs and mortgage guarantee schemes.

Her video has been viewed almost 200k times and hundreds have taken to the comments to say Ms Brzeska was being unfair.

One angry user said: “You are so out of touch. Circumstances and net income, also house prices. I specifically mean for London and commuter towns.”

Another said: “House prices are far too expensive, that is the problem, not the schemes.”

A third echoed: “Wow, you have no idea what it is like for working class people do you?”

Despite the backlash, Ms Brzeska stands by her belief that people should not solely rely on the government and need to work towards saving up in order to get on the property ladder.

She said: “The government can only do so much. There are so many different schemes that there is almost something for everyone. I used the Help to Buy scheme myself and got my first house when I was 20… I had no input from my parents for the deposit, I saved it all myself.

“But people need to realise they need to make some input as well. A lot of these arguments go back to this victim mentality,” The Mirror reports.

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She did admit that buying a home isn’t easy, but said that it isn’t supposed to be as the “property market would go off the rails”.

She continued: “To the people who have already gotten onto the property ladder, I would say massive well done to them, because they have achieved what they set out to achieve, and it shows it can be done.”

Other users did agree with Ms Brzeska, one woman said: “I am 28. I bought my first house at 27. I have been financially independent since 2015 and have been renting since then. I earn minimum wage. It’s doable.”

And another replied: “If you really want to buy a house you can just save and stop spending.”

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