Mrs Hinch fans share clever cleaning hacks to remove pesky ink stains: ‘Works every time!’

This Morning: Expert shares easy hack to remove stains

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Cleaning star, Mrs Hinch, whose real name is Sophie Hinchcliffe, has attracted a huge following on social media. The cleaning sensation rose to fame after sharing ingenious cleaning hacks on her Instagram page – helping thousands of people in the process.

Now, fans from her 4.1 million followers have formed their own social media groups dedicated to sharing daily cleaning advice.

One social media user from a group, which has amassed more than 600,000 members, asked how to get rid of an ink stain.

The post has attracted more than 100 replies offering helpful advice.

One online user said: “Soak in milk then wash as normal! Works every time.”

A second said: “Get the thick of it off with hairspray, then finish off with hand sanitizer – it happened to me and I got every bit of it out.”

Another user, who agreed the hair product was an effective product, added: “Hairspray, lots of it and blot with kitchen roll. It draws the oils out from the ink.”

A third replied: “Nightmare! I have white tunics with burgundy piping. Usually go for Vanish spot on stain remover.

“A soak and a hot wash with a colour catcher sheet and hope for the best! Sometimes takes a few washes and a good sunny day helps.”

Another suggested: “Rub washing up liquid in it, then wash as normal.”

An online user, who had experienced a similar problem, said: “This happened to me with my white student nurse tunic and a pale blue tunic – I had toe nail varnish remover worked for me.”

One online user advised to leave the garment in the sun to help fade the ink stain.

While another suggested using a cleaning solution, “Stain devils for ink worked really well for me,” the user said.

Another user, who shared a similar experience, said: “My daughter did this on her midwifery tunic. I used hand sanitizer I had to do it a few times but it came out.”

One online use, who advised using a strong cleaning solution to remove the pesky stain, added: “Elbow Grease spray is fabulous.

A number of group members swore by milk for removing the tough stain, with many also suggesting hand sanitiser.

Another said: “Methylated spirit, I did this with my white student nurse tunic, however, do this outside over a bucket as this stuff stinks.”

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One person said: “Neat Zoflora every time!”

While another suggested using a laundry detergent Ava powder.

Another advised trying Dr Beckmann pen and felt stain remover on the garment.

Offering an alternative technique, one online user added: “Hand sanitiser – let it soak on, scratch it with your nails or a sponge, rinse and repeat until it’s out – works on school shirt or if it’s white soak it in the tub with a Milton tablet.”

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