Negotiation etiquette: why conspicuous body armor can make negotiations difficult (Demidov Armor opinion)

A shoe maker has turned himself into a brand Demidov Armor that has emerged as one of the leading company Tailoring Luxury Bulletproof Vests. This company today deals with a variety of armor suits and offers a premium quality to its clients.

Foundation of Demidov Armor roots back 25 years ago when the founder of the company met an old man and helped him making shoes for his clients. The old man had a limited client base yet he was a veteran in what he used to do. For being old he requested the founder of the company to help him sewing shoes and that laid the foundation of the today’s leading armor making company. [Founder name, he or she] was able to sew comfortable shoes for the clients of the old man and the dedication and passion led him/her to establish all the required skillset to sew shoes.

However, passion and determination and his/her entrepreneurial mind brought him/her to the next step. He/she started tailoring suits customized suits for the obese clients of the old man with unique and peculiar shapes and designs so that they fit to their figures and make them look dignified. At the present setting clients were old people however, when he/she moved to the capital and started working in the government quarter, clients for her tailored suits also shifted into bigger ones such as politicians and businessmen. That is where the company started growing making unique and superior quality suits for the officials. Another shift occurred when clients requested him/her to sew armor suits with provided examples and this has provided another growth opportunity to the company.

The motivation behind making armor suits for him is also unique. The industry of the armor suits is mostly led by the military men. Their tailored vests as he thinks although considered to be hidden yet they are not. They also may lack skills which are required for making bulletproof vests. Therefore, he stepped into this industry to tailor customized and quality vests for the clients. Another leading motivation behind stepping into this industry is to save human from the worst consequences of weapons since the use of weapon in United States is common. Because the softness of the previously tailored vests by military men makes the users vulnerable to attacks.

He has decided to make something unique that provides both quality and safety using his experience of creating standard shoes. Testing of the product is also interesting and he has trusted it with himself taking a shot of glock17 and it even did not allow the bullet to leave a mere bruise at the body. Additionally, he had  chance to meet with a personal body guard of the president in the government quarter who admired his job and advised him with further recommendations towards making quality and standardized bulletproof vests. We show our quality on YouTube channel.

Finally, the last shift towards Tailoring Luxury Bulletproof Vests happened in an interesting manner as well. A former client with an extensive experience turned into a business partner. With his experience and help he has enabled the company to tailor Luxury Bulletproof Vests for high profile clients with added features and qualities. This product of the company for its higher costs and manufacturing time is limited and providing high quality safety to the rich people and sheikhs without bodyguards. This company as the statistics suggest is expected to grow further in future.