Nomani: Virginia parents, Glenn Youngkin aim to teach kids ‘how to think, not what to think’

Nomani on Youngkin win: Parents want kids to learn ‘how to think’

Virginia parent Asra Nomani and Mercury Public Affairs vice president Ian Prior discuss governor-elect Glenn Youngkin’s approach to education.

Republican governor-elect Glenn Youngkin’s major win in Virginia’s election is a testament to how parents in the commonwealth want their children to be instructed in schools, Parents Defending Education Vice President Asra Nomani told “Fox News Primetime” Wednesday.

“We the parents are saying exactly what Mr. Youngkin was saying,” she said. “We want schools to teach kids how to think, not what to think… And we are not White supremacists because of it.”

Nomani, a Muslim immigrant from India and Fairfax County parent, explained that she is clearly not a White supremacist just because she values protecting her child.

“Every mama bear and papa bear loves their child and nobody can put hands on their cub,” she said.

The Virginia mother said even though parents have been standing up against critical race theory curriculum since June of 2020, the school boards have been “hijacked” by activists who insist on pushing woke ideologies. executive director and Loudoun County, Virginia, parent Ian Prior credited the win for Youngkin — and parents — to successfully investigating the situation, communicating findings and taking action.

“We were able to put together a team of volunteers that were just fantastic,” he said. “They spent six months collecting signatures to remove school board members. We’re done with that process and it’s all because of their hard work.”

“The more you do all this, it has a snowball effect – you bring more people to your cause.”

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