Premium Bonds: Two winners clinched £100,000 with Bonds less than six months old

Martin Lewis gives updated advice on premium bonds

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The draw conducted earlier this week saw two people become Premium Bond millionaires and a further six earn £100,000 on their savings. Two of these six winning bonds were only bought in September and October respectively.

The first winner secured their prize having bought their winning bond worth £1,250 in September 2021.

In total, the Northamptonshire resident had a total of £20,100 bonds when the announcement was made. 

The second bought their much larger £40,000 worth of bonds in October 2021 and had a total of £45,500 in Premium Bonds.

Both winners have now seen their investment more than double with a £100,000 payout announced earlier this week. 

Two more Premium Bonds millionaires were also unveiled during the January prize draw.

A Lancashire resident and a Hertfordshire resident won the jackpot of £1million. 

The Lancashire winner had a total of £30,000 invested with their £5,000 bond being the winning number. 

The bond had been bought over a decade ago in May 2007 but patience has finally paid of for new-found millionaire. 

The Hertfordshire resident had a total of £50,000, the limit for Premium Bond holdings, and the lucky bond contained £12,000. 

Jill Waters, NS&I Retail Director, said: “A massive congratulations to our Premium Bonds jackpot winners in Hertfordshire and Lancashire.

“It’s a brilliant start to the New Year and we wish them all the best for 2022 and beyond.”

NS&I, the Government-backed savings institution behind Premium Bonds, have been questioned on whether the date a bond is bought influences its chances of winning.

This query came as a result of a few high value winners being drawn after less than a year of owning their winning bond. 

They have stated that each and every £1 Bond number has the same chances of winning a prize of any value.

ERNIE, the algorithm responsible for generating the winning Bond numbers every month, does not store numbers so Bonds cannot be left out regardless of when or where they were bought. 

Premium Bond holders are able to check if they are part of this months winning numbers through the checker app or the NS&I website.

Customers are advised to have their NS&I number and Bond number to hand as they will need this to use the app or website.

In total this month, there were 2,098 high value prize winners drawn with 3.3million total prizes given out.

Each winner collected between £25 and £100,000. 

Premium Bonds customers are also advised of a quicker way to claim their prizes by getting them paid directly to their bank account or automatically reinvested into more Premium Bonds. 

This has been done in the hopes that it will reduce the number of prizes that go unclaimed. 

As of November 2021 there were 2,079,568 Premium Bond prizes of varying amounts left unclaimed. 

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