Property: Expert shares ‘vital’ tips to sell a house quickly – ‘it’s worth checking’

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Selling a home can be a very stressful process, especially if homeowners are not getting any offers for their house. However, there are several different ways to boost a property’s selling time without spending a fortune.

A property expert at Compare My Move has shared several tips on how to make a property as attractive as possible to potential buyers.

Dave Sayce, Founder and Director at Compare My Move said: “The first step to a successful house sale is to ensure that your property is as attractive to potential buyers as possible. 

“Give yourself enough time to clean, stage and ready your property to make it more welcoming during viewings.”

The first step to preparing a property to go on the market is to get rid of any unnecessary clutter.

He explained: “Your first step to preparing your house for a sale should be to declutter. 

“You should present your home as a blank canvas for would-be buyers, so go through each room and temporarily remove as many personal items as possible. 

“Too much furniture or unnecessary ornaments and personal possessions can make a room feel much smaller, hiding its potential. 

“If you’re still searching for another house to buy, consider renting out a storage space to keep surplus items safe until you move.”

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When selling a home, there’s no need for whole house renovation. However, fixing a few small defects can be “vital” to selling a house quickly.

The property expert said: “You don’t need to give the house a full renovation, but updating and fixing a few things can be vital to selling a house quickly. 

“Focus on the smaller issues that can be quickly repaired. Some things can be easily ignored when you pass them every day. But to a potential buyer, they can be obvious.”

Damp issues are the number one concern for buyers when looking for their next property to purchase.

Dave commented: “Almost one in four homebuyers noting it [damp] as a potential issue for a surveyor to explore. 

“It’s worth checking if you have any issues with damp before putting your house up for sale but fear not, damp is easily fixed or prevented, through regularly wiping down windows, ensuring there is ventilation and in some cases buying a dehumidifier.”

Staging a home for viewings can also help to sell a property faster as it makes it easier for potential buyers to visualise the house as their own.

The expert said: ”Ways to ‘stage’ your home before a sale is to think about giving each individual room a purpose. If there’s a spare room you’ve been using as a dumping ground, turn it into a functioning space, it provides buyers with a few ideas on how they could use the room.

“The finishing touches are important when staging your home for viewings. Use neutral colours to attract a variety of tastes and personalities rather than bold colours that clash.

“Reflect interior trends with small touches such as carefully-chosen cushions and accessories in different textures and hues. 

“Lighting will also help to make rooms more attractive, add as much light as possible and even use mirrors to create the illusion of more space. 

“Even making your house smell good, will really increase your chances of selling your house quicker.”


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