Rep. Mast rips Biden, Harris Memorial Day tweets supporting 'army of the woke'

Biden, Harris use veteran, military culture as ‘pawns’: Rep. Mast

Veteran and Florida Rep. Brian Mast on why the White House tried to cancel the ‘Rolling to Remember’ Memorial Day event

U.S. Army veteran and Florida Rep. Brian Mast, R., slammed President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris for their “far cry” Memorial Day tweets. Mast argued the White House administration uses veteran culture as “pawns,” and would rather see an “army of the woke.”

REP. BRIAN MAST: I think it’s a far cry from incredible words and speeches that I’ve heard from people like Ronald Reagan, right? 

And you think back to his heroes speech. For those who think that there are no more heroes in this world, they just don’t know where to look. 

You go to the sloping hills of Arlington Cemetery and the row upon row of plain white markers labeled with crosses or stars of David. Those are each one of them, a memorial to the heroes in this world. 

And I would say their thoughts are a far cry from the patriotism I’ve seen out of others…

I think [Biden, Harris] see a lot of the culture just as pawns. And that’s a really painful thing to say. 

I think this White House sees many of those in service, and they’d rather see an army of the woke than an army of the imperfect badasses that we served alongside. And I would take one of them over an army of the woke. 

And I think there’s a resentment in that. Truly, that’s how I feel about the situation.

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