Reps. Green, McCaul slam Biden's 'blatant dishonesty' on Afghanistan: 'Blood on his hands'

Rep. Green blasts Biden’s ‘blatant dishonesty’ on Afghanistan

Rep. Mark Green and Rep. Michael McCaul call out President Biden for passing the blame for the crisis in Afghanistan.

Reps. Mark Green, R-Tenn and Michael McCaul, R-Texas, joined “The Faulkner Focus” to explain the missteps by President Biden and his administration in handling the Afghanistan troop withdrawal. Green called out “blatant dishonesty” from the White House, and McCaul said the president has “blood on his hands” for all of the lives lost and Americans left behind.


REP. MARK GREEN: I was appalled, very frustrated to see some of the things. Again, blatant dishonesty, talking about giving warnings and doing a great exfil of all the people when in fact, they didn’t get started until the last minute. We know that. Handing lists off – they’re suggesting that they never handed lists off. I have DOD personnel who have told me personally in a phone call that they handed the manifests of aircraft to the Taliban. Just the continuous dishonesty from the president is infuriating to myself and many veterans like myself.

REP. MICHAEL MCCAUL: He likes to blame everyone but himself for this decision. The reporting that he’s blaming now American citizens for not heeding the warning – Americans who have been left behind enemy lines now. And there are hundreds of them, hundreds that we’ve tried to get out over the last weekend, which was a nightmare. And the interpreters, which really never had a chance to begin with. I’ve been talking about this for months. I said this president will have blood on his hands and now we have 13 draped coffins that came through Dover Air Base. We will have a lot of interpreters that will be killed by the Taliban because of this president’s actions. And also a lot of Americans left behind. Finally, you know, the schoolgirls on the four busses, 250 of them. Young girls in the choir, Christians, had visas, had a plane waiting, and they actually got through the Taliban. It was our United States government that blocked them from safety. And now they are turned back into the hands of the Taliban. Disgraceful.


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